the long and winding golden brick road...

Things keep moving right along over here in the Magnolia Family Manse...

You can now check out the amazing vintage and designer goods, all hand-picked by me for!

Picture 1

You can't lose when you have Gaultier AND Herve Leger to choose from. I'm serious, you can't... Try. I dare you. ;)

I have had a blast shopping and shooting with that gang and there is much more to come!! Keep your eyes open, as I know they'll be adding more this week.... Oh and in case your wondering, my heart's very favorite piece that I gave up just for BDVintage is this "Brody Denim Bustier."

Picture 4 Picture 2

Picture 3

I can't lie, I want to put it on and sing "Like A Virgin." The Glee version but yeah, it's a Madonna piece if I ever bought (and sold) one. So you know, buy it :)

As for my own pet project, the to be unveiled, I am slowly but surely progressing... I am in love with the stuff I have to sell though! Switching formats has proven to be a pain in my butt, however one I believe will work out better for us in the end. If I had known this is what I was going to end up doing I would have taken photography and web design as a wee child. Instead I am forced to rely on the help of others and that's not easy when you're a control freak... or so I hear, haha. Take a super sneak peek at pics I did with the lovely Kathleen for the web site....












and many, many more...

Honestly, I am super excited to launch my own little vintage niche in the world. It is going to come with a few surprises... Like a new blog!! Yes, I will be switching over in a few weeks to wordpress and hopefully a whole new level of nonsense blogging.

In the meantime, do us a favor! Roll on over to the Magnolia Family Vintage Facebook page and "like" us with all your heart. Then click the "Suggest to Friends" link on the left hand side of the page and tell someone else about us! I will admit, I have a pretty lofty goal for FB fans before the web site launches. There is a reason! Just the top secret kind...