Take that malaise!

(***FAIR WARNING***- Upon initial review of this blog, I noticed that the first several paragraphs were dry and all the text looked sad. So I plugged in 3 or 4 completely random photos to punch it up a bit. They have nothing to do with the statements being made, or anything else for that matter. Carry on.)

Random Photo #1
hair wars

Let's set the mood. I am at Jo's, where I spend a lot of time now that I live 100 yards away (more on that later), I am listening to "This Year" by the Mountain Goats because I am at the moment committed to uplifting music (sorry Cat) and I am wearing a bathing suit underneath my dress because I can't seem to catch up on laundry no matter how much time I spend staring at the pile on my bedroom floor... Oh, plus I have a giant spider bite on MY FACE and a squirrel broke into my house today to eat my food. That's the set up. And this is a big step because I am have become reaaally attached to my internet routine of juggalo stalking and google earthing. To be here now... I had to leap.

Random Photo #2
best thai food ever, somewhere, pasadena

So yeah, I came reeeaaal close to saying goodbye to this blog, this project, to my store, to this whole tiny (I mean tiny) niche I carved out for myself.

Then the weirdest thing happened. I was indulging in the haze of not knowing where your life is going by having as many mimosas as possible over at Nomad a few weekends ago (10-2 on Sundays, $10, bottomless mimosas, nuf said) and this stranger man came over to tell me he loved my blog. He told me he loved reading my blog... in Afghanistan... and it was part of the reason he decided to move to Austin. Now, not only did it never occur to me that anyone ever garnered any real benefit from reading my blog but certainly not a soldier in a foreign country and it was really, really touching. So touching in fact that I think I mumbled and stared at the floor. Did you know I fail at accepting compliments? Cause I do. It wasn't the first sweet thing anyone has ever said to me about my little project here, but it was the best. So stranger man from Nomad, hello! I love you! I appreciate your kind words and I hope I reflected that. Oh, and if you're wondering, I think I got up to six or seven mimosas but we didn't get there when they opened! I know I can do better!

Random Photo #3
they mate for life

The point is that it kicked me in the face a little bit as far as how lucky I am. I may not be the most successful person at what I do, or the best blogger, or hippest chic in town but hot damn, I have a good thing going here. I like waking up in the morning. I like my life. I like vintage clothes and writing nonsense I find amusing. I like my friends and their bands and all the little things I get out of choosing this path. That deserves a little enthusiasm don't you think! I only ever quit things when I get complacent and so I choose not to. I choose to write nonsense and I choose to sell vintage clothes and I choose to have the biggest hair I can muster. So there malaise! Take that (a little more-than) quarter life crisis!!

See my daughter is staying home with me for the summer (this does not mean you get to call me a stay at home mom...I am way to lazy and scattered to earn such a title), my new house is a brand new financial monkey on our back, and I live in a town where every other girl I know does exactly what I do... a lot of the time better (Austin may as well have about 30 people in it when you get down to the brass tacks of peoples livelihoods.) I let some things get in my head. I let some things overwhelm me, and I almost let said things win. Well HECK NO. It's not that I don't like to lose, see... It's that I don't like to compete with anyone but myself. I like to be me and do my thing and I place value on the opinions of a very small group of people. So, that's where I am coming back to. How does Drake* so eloquently put it? Oh yes, "I'm doin me, I'm doin me, I'm livin life right now man and this what Im gon' do til it's over, til it's over... and it's far from over." Ugh, Drake, I love you.

Random Photo #4
iphone camera winsss

So we need to play a little catch up. I mean, if you'd been sitting on my deck for the last couple of weeks you'd know everything about me but because I don't usually give my address out on the internet you couldn't come... Sorry bout that. But that's a good lead in to the awesome THINGS GOING ON IN MY THRIFTY LIFE LIST I am about to commence. Ready? GO!

1. I moved. I moooooved. I finally live in Austin proper. We moved into a pretty little 1940's bungalow house in a lovely 78704 neighborhood and I am sure that in the future I will go on and on about the merits of my new hood... Actually, I know I will. I just decided to. I will tease you though with the fact that I have my own magical porch of wonder and bliss (not my words even) and it calls to people I love for nights and nights of wine and wisdom...

2. I decided to abandon ebay. F that noise. It got on my nerves and I felt lost in the shuffle of ebay. So yeah, expect to see and shop magnoliafamilyvintage.com on June 7th. It's gonna look a little somethin like zeeees...


3. I am currently workin on a super special collaboration with the fantastic BUYDEFINITION.com. I will be selling a small selection of some of the best vintage I find through them in a little project we like to call "Magnolia Family Vintage for Buy Definition." Catchy, eh? I'm just saying, keep your eyes open because it's going to be real niiiiice. I did my first ever pop up shop in the BUYDEFINITION showroom over SXSW and had a blast!!


4. I did this wacky/rad thing to my hair. Eh? Fresh braids for the summer y'all.


Taken at PYSCHFEST!! by the lovely Stephanie of Laced With Romance Vintage... I also sold some stuff with her in just about the prettiest little outdoor boutique set up you ever did see...


Anyhoo, that's enough of those self-indulgent shenanigans... I am so excited for summer!!

seacrest out. xo


Taylor K said...

way to go! I've missed your posts. welcome back.

pinksundrops said...

Love the honesty in this post! I can relate on so many levels except for a few. Mostly I relate to not wanting to compete with anyone but myself, not wanting to be called a stay at home mom, and liking my life. Oh, and moving. Only my moves involved moving out of Austin, then back into Austin. I couldn't stay away.

Bethany said...

I think this is a struggle that honestly every person goes through in one way or another, but as a fellow vintage seller I can especially relate. Happy to hear you are back and full of passion, new projects and ideas - welcome back!

Cynthia said...

Wow! You are alive!!! You don't know how many times wanted to pester you about not updating anything on your blog, cos yeah, I'm one of those people who adore to read your blog. I look foward to it on my boring breaks at work, it's the only thing that brings me inspiration...all the blogs I follow, or else I'd be stiff frozen bored at my desk. Anyhow, needless to say, THANK THE MOONS YOU ARE BACK and in FULL SWING!
So yay! Cheers to that my lovely!

SarahJD said...

thanks so much to all of you!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your back! please keep itup!

Shanley said...

loved #1 - the explanation, the shot, all of it. this weekend, i was out in downtown long beach and started dancing with this guy who grabbed another girl, and yelled "SANDWICH! IMA SANDWICH! DON'T MOVE, DON'T MOVE, WE'RE A SANDWICH!" It was the best part of a semi-boring night. Somehow, I thought it belonged in a comment here, hahahaha.

Katie said...

Yessss... I've missed your posts! :)

Anonymous said...