Rock it, Swap it.

Hey y'all.

My confession this winter is that I refuse to take off my leggings and I have amassed a collection of oversized sweaters you could drown in. I do not consider this "getting dressed" per se but it's been working for me for months now...

It's been a beautiful holiday season in the magnolia family manse. I hope you all had a an equally pleasant roll into 2010. We spent the Christmas in Montana with family. We snowshoed, we layered, we dogsledded. My toes froze and m daughter was spoiled like crazy, to be expected. We came home to a bright new year and then free week in Austin's Red River District blended right into what I fondly call my birthday month. Yes, I am now 28 years old. I cannot lie, so far 28 looks like a gem and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend. Good company, good family, kind words, good music, tasty food... I could go on. Truth be told I have been absent from blogging too long to bother trying to catch you up. It's been a lot. I am blessed in my life and in my heart.

On my break from work and from blogging I took the time to reconsider what I want to do here. The original intention of this blog seems to have come and gone. The absence of plan for what I was going to do when my year of living thriftily OFFICIALLY ended left me a bit confounded. I love to share the things I love and my passion remains in the spirit of living green by making good use of what we already have (as opposed to focusing on sustainable ways to make MORE things, which is it's own lovely thing). And so that is what I plan to continue to promote and discuss here. But limits aren't my thing. Planning gives me hives. Definitions give me the heebie jeebs. So I am just not going to bother with those. I am going to commit this particular blog (ooooh sneaky did you know I keep other ports of call??) to recording and l-l-l-loving anything I want :) My beautiful family, my addiction to the treasure hunt, the road trips, the good time bands, my need for everyone to express themselves with style... You get it. You know what's up.

So here is the good news! Well, in my mind there is a lot of god news but the most immediate and the most exciting is that I can now unleash upon you what we have been working on here behind the scenes for quite awhile...

Remember for the few of you who were paying attention I said free clothes!? Good booze! Music! Well here it be.

Mark your calendar.

What? you say.... Well it is a clothing swap. A big one. This isn't the weekday night-living room swap you may have been to or heard about in the past. This is much better. In my head, I had the thought "Wouldn't it be fun to host a clothing swap? Wouldn't it be MORE fun if there was liquor? And music??" Not exactly nuclear engineering but hey, here we are. I joined forces with the effervescent and shockingly well connected Tolley over at Austin Eavesdropper and wham-bam we have Beauty Bar, we have Treaty Oak Rum, we have The Cupcake Bar, we have Laced With Romance lending their always impeccable hippie selections... This is a lot of good stuff.

Now listen carefully. I know that not everyone has been to a swap or even knows how a clothing swap works. It is as simple as can be.

  1. You show up at Beauty Bar on January 30th between 6 and 10pm.
  2. You bring with you ten items of clean clothes (items such as shoes, belts, and purses will be counted) in good condition and with reasonable belief that someone else may want them. You don't have ten items of clothing to spare? No worries.
  3. You can also swap with us a measly $5 at the door and we'll let you inside the fray.
  4. Once you're in you get to treasure hunt through the clothes other people bring and take up to ten items home with you! For free! And if you just hate the idea of taking home free clothes... well, I won't address how many ways something could be wrong with you but I will say that you can also shop a little vintage from our own Magnolia Family Vintage or Laced With Romance, drink a little rum and hope a cat fight breaks out, do a little dance around the piles to the rock and roll part of the rock and swap... You know, lots of options.

We're going to want a lot of people to show up. The more people show up the more clothes there are to swap the more chances increase that we can all walk away with our new favorite things! I love that idea. I love a good chance. Hopeful, isn't it? So you know, get your talk on and tell people what is happening!! You can RSVP at the web site and post all about it on Facebook and you know you have a blog that you want to use for good and not evil. Let the world know.

Now, I will be publishing a comprehensive "How to Succeed at a Clothing Swap by Just Trying a Little" this week. There is a spirit and a method to the madness!! Keep your eyes open and in the meantime start setting aside your swap offerings and tell your friends.

Seacrest Out.


rachelehm said...

siiiiiiiiiiigh, if Austin weren't what appears to be some 10-12 hours away, I would be there if a jiffy!

Tiffany Diane said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize that this is when the clothing swap you guys were planning was going to be! I can still donate pieces, then?

_Franny said...

Im with rachelehm on this ... Argh distance!! Would be there in a heartbeat

Hopefully we'll hear ( and see ) lots of wonderful stories about it though!

Have fun xx

_Franny said...

Oh yeah ... and mega jumper (sweater i guess)jeliousy happening over here!

Cynthia said...

How fun and exciting! Too bad I'm in LA...but I'm sure they have that here too once in a while? Have fun and good luck to all you lucky ducks who go!!!

ほし said...

Uuuuugh. Too bad I'm in PR or I would go! Nice to see you back to blogging thou: missed your sassy stylings!

Btw, I started a little jewelry shop so feel free to drop by:

A bit in diapers, but there is some stuff up. And everything is made by me :)

Also, whatever happened to the online vintage mag you were planning?

bravegrrl said...

wish i could go! in l.a. :(


Marlee's Movements said...

awesome, i love it!

Rebecca said...

great hair!

Anonymous said...

windy curls! we have a beauty bar here in san diego too... mmhmm love it