I wish the time bandit would steal from the rich and give to me.

My daughter is the real fashion blogger in this family.


Honestly. Stand back a few feet from your screen and scrunch your eyes.
She could be any one of 99% of fashion bloggers out there.
creepy? yes. hilarious? also yes.

We are busy as bees.


- the long awaited inception of magnoliafamilyvintage.com. the near future. I hope.
- collaborating on the yet to be titled all vintage online magazine. wanna help? let me know.
- styling portfolio. this is complicated stuff.

I have to pop about 9 midol and curl up in the fetal position now. xo


Hilarie HIldebrand said...

I see somebody inherited the Fabulous Gene!

I find that this weather+candy corn in abundance is a great makeshift Midol, in a pinch!

Mamushka Marie said...

that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!


Hailey Marie said...

This is darling! Your daughter is adorable.
I'm going to add your blog as a favorite on my vintage shop blogs. Stop on by & check out the link! :)


katy said...

haha amazing!

& the all vintage online magazine sounds, um, FANTASTIC. i would love to help...i've written for NEET in the past and went to uni in London for fashion journalism, so if you need to pass off any articles do keep me in mind. :)


Michelle said...

Your daughter is ADORABLE.

Is that the same vintage mag that was posted about on the Austin Craigslist? I went to reply to the ad but it had been deleted by that point. :( I'd totally be interested in helping out, just let me know if you need anything. :)

ほし said...

Hey, I'd love to help out with the online mag. I've done graphic design, editing for a literary magazine and a publishing house.

Seriously, let me know!

Kristin said...

I would love to help with the online mag! I'm currently an editorial assistant; I've previously worked as a copy editor, and I am a thrifting ADDICT. E-mail me! thriftyoutfitters@gmail.com

Wanderlusting said...

OMG if that's not the sweetest, cutest thing ever then I don't know what is. Those poses are right on the money!

haute.teapot said...

she is too cute!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

WOW this is so adorable I can hardly stand it. I'm jealous of her shoes, her glasses AND the vinyl LIES album at her feet! ;) too cute!

Annie said...

your daughter > tavi. that's all I can say.

Nina B. said...

I know I'm late getting to this, but yes...yes I do want to help. What do you have in mind for a freelancer/etsy vintage model/store owner (on hiatus)?


phresh-produce said...

omg this child is sooo adorable! love your page