Get in my garage.



Saturday February 28th
7AM to ...? When we get tired.
6607 Argentia Rd. @ Allendale
Austin, TX 78757

Picnik collage

What is for sale you ask?...

Vintage, vintage, vintage! Vintage clothes, shoes, hats, bathing suits, jewelry, belts, and purses. Not to mention knick-knackery. My family is also bringing New(ish) clothing (er, mine) from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, H&M and the like. To top it off we will be selling some mens and womens clothing, courtesy of my lovely mother and step-father. Bottom line, we are selling BOAT LOADS of clothing. Also TONS AND TONS of little girl paraphernalia. Princess dresses, school clothes, toys, books and TIARAS. If you or your kind have or know a little girl this is the sale to be at.

Picnik collage

Also participating are my two cousins and their families. FURNITURE, SMALL APPLIANCES, CLOTHES, SHOES, KITCHEN WARE, BABY CLOTHES, AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

Prices will be garage sale approved. I want it GONE.

Come and get it!! xoxo

P.S. If you live in Austin and especially if you have an Austin blog, I'd be much obliged if you could help me get the word out there. Anyone who gives my garage sale a shout out will receive a special thank you gift!!


Sal said...

Words cannot express how much I wish I could attend this extravaganza. Sigh.

Kara said...

I wonder how much a Minnesota to Austin ticket costs. :P

bonjouritsjinah said...

oh how i wish i lived in austin right now. sigh

lc said...
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lc said...

Ah, if midterms weren't next week...then I'd be able to come (and if San Antonio weren't, like, 30 minutes away!) :/

Austin Eavesdropper said...

OMG I cannot wait!!!! I will be there with bells on!

And, I wonder Miss Sarah: could this perhaps possibly sorta maybe be a test-run for your very own little store one in ATX??

Gary said...

Thanks to That Austin Girl and Austin Eavesdropper i will definitely be dropping by with a few friends. Your enthusiasm even led me to post your page to my FB profile :) Its been years since ive been to a GOOD garage sale... WOOT

Cottage gal said...

I posted about your sale on my blog! I really enjoy your fashion pics!

Kim Grant said...

Did you sell alot?